Chores for Your Toddler

Chores for Toddlers


Being a mom of 3 at age 25 has its perks. I grew up with the “entitled” generation, though I’ve never felt very entitled. I feel like my parents did a good job teaching me that you have to work for what you have in this world, not just for what you want.

My 5 year old is slowly learning the hard way that things in life aren’t free. I have come to realize that it is A LOT easier to just let your kid do whatever they want instead of helping around the house.  Let’s be honest though, life is hard enough with proper life skills, I couldn’t imagine being where I am now without them.

Here is a list of chores for toddlers by age that you can try with your children to ease them in to a “working lifestyle”. Basic chores should not be done for an “allowance” in my opinion, but I do think extra chores should be!! I will be writing a post on how I am going to introduce the idea of an “allowance” into our household this week, so stay tuned!!

Chores By Age for Toddlers

Age 2

  1. Put Toys In Toy Box – Have a specific “clean up time” where you help your little one put toys away.


Age 3

  1. Put Away Dry Silverware – we all make dirty dishes and every day the dishwasher is probably ran. Get in a routine of having your little one put the silverware away! They will feel involved and helpful which is a super bonus for you!
  2. Pick Up Toys – Teach them accountability. If they take their toys out, make them put them away. This will teach them to be tidy and responsible. If during “clean up time” they leave toys out, take them away for a number of days previously discussed with your child and STICK TO IT!
  3. Put Dirty Clothes in Laundry Basket – A simple task that they will carry with them a lifetime. Gently remind them when changing or before bath time to make sure they put their clothes in the laundry basket.
  4. Set Table at Meal Times – Eating is an essential part of life and a lot of work goes in to making a meal and serving the family. Get the kids involved young and it will only become easier as time goes on.

Age 4

All of the above and…..

  1. Make Their Bed – Make this a habit!!!!!!!! I did not grow up having to make my bed and it took me 2 full years of being on my own to understand why this should be done. Having a messy bed can make the entire mood of a room change. It is the focal point in a bedroom and it should always be made unless they are sleeping in it. I am just now introducing this to my 5 yo, but I wish I would have sooner!
  2. Clear Table – Remember what I said about meal time? Again, the more help everyone gives the easier it becomes.
  3. Help Load Dishwasher – Now that they are a little bigger it is a good time to hand them dishes to load in the dishwasher after you rinse them. They will be happy about being involved and will be learning the daily responsibilities of having a family.
  4. Help Get Out the Ingredients – Getting out ingredients for meals will be a great introduction into the world of cooking! You’d be surprised what the kiddos will pick up after a few times of getting you the butter and salt!
  5. Picking Up Trash Throughout the House – No one likes a messy house and sometimes trash gets left out unintentionally. Have your little one walk around the house once in the evening and collect any trash they find and toss it out.
  6. Feeding Pets – If you have pets, get the kids involved!


It may not be easy introducing your toddler into the routine of chores but it will be worth it! Make a check list and get excited about getting things done. Anything that you are interested in your child will show interest in as well!

What are some chores you have introduced to your toddlers that aren’t on my list? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you to all my followers and I hope this post is helpful as we bring in the New Year together!

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11 Ways to Combat Boredom with Your Kids Right Now


Let me start off by saying that I asked for my 5 year olds input on this. When I asked him what he liked to do when he was bored he said “ Umm….Sit around and watch T.V. all day”. Obviously this is not always the best option. A lot of times when kids are bored, they just need some extra attention. I know you are probably thinking “How is that possible, I give them attention all day!” But stop and really think about it. Are you really 100% engaged with your children for more than a few minutes at a time? Are you looking them in the eyes when they talk, are you truly responding to them when they ask questions? A lot of times we are engaged in other activities while still trying to entertain them and believe me they know it. When I notice my kids starting to act out or just flat out saying they are bored or asking for time with me, then I know it’s time to get involved.

Here are 11 Things I like to do with my kids to help combat the boredom.

  1. Dance Party – Just turn on some music and dance! Kids LOVE this. Not only does it get some of that energy out, it’s a fun time for them to watch you and dance with you! Just 10 minutes will make a big difference and also get you moving and motivated!dance-party
  2. Chores – This may seem counterproductive to what I was saying about “all” of your attention, but you would be surprised at how much kids just want to help! They see you doing dishes, cooking, cleaning the bathroom and dusting, and more times than not they just want to be involved. Get out the dusting spray and let them spray the tables and you wipe them down. Use this time to talk about the day or ask your child questions. Again this makes a BIG difference in their attitudes.
  3. Hide and Seek – Who doesn’t love hide and seek? Put away your cell phone and play this for 30 minutes or so. You’ll get a good laugh!
  4. Go Outside – Again, put down your cell phone and take the kids outside. Run around in the grass and play tag, go on a walk or ride your bikes. The fact that you are playing with them and are outside getting some good Vitamin D is enough to make the kids happy for a least a couple hours! 20161011_175709
  5. Play Date – Sometimes kids just need to be around other kids! Call your friend and go hang out!
  6. Research Something – I LOVE to do this with the kids. They are so interested in electronics and I definitely limit screen time in my house, but every now and then it is good to ask the kids what kinds of bug they saw outside, or what is something they want to learn about and then look it up online! Find pictures and facts and talk about them together! This week we learned about butterflies and dolphins (:
  7. Cook Something – This is another thing kids just want to be involved in. Look up kid friend recipes on pintrest (I will post some as well) and find one that sounds good. Get those kiddos in the kitchen and bust out the pots and pans. They will be so happy you are letting them help you!
  8. Make a Blanket Fort – This is a fun one! Grab some extra sheets and light blankets and get creative! Have the kids help you set it up and then pretend you are camping! We love making forts!
  9. Play a Board Game – Being engaged in a board game is always fun for the kids. They love trying to the winner and love that you are spending time with them. I Love playing matching games and chutes and ladders.
  10. Blow Bubbles – Kids Love bubbles. They love blowing bubbles, they love smashing bubbles, they love chasing bubbles. You can NEVER go wrong with bubbles! Inside or outside they are always fun!
  11. Do a Workout – Get those kids moving! Run around the house, do jumping jacks, pushups or yoga. They will be so excited you are playing with them, and it’s mutually beneficial! I love including my kids in my workouts. It makes them go by faster and teaches them to be healthy!


There Ya Go!

What are some things you like to do when your kids are bored?

Leave me comment and let me know!


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