Chores for Your Toddler

Chores for Toddlers


Being a mom of 3 at age 25 has its perks. I grew up with the “entitled” generation, though I’ve never felt very entitled. I feel like my parents did a good job teaching me that you have to work for what you have in this world, not just for what you want.

My 5 year old is slowly learning the hard way that things in life aren’t free. I have come to realize that it is A LOT easier to just let your kid do whatever they want instead of helping around the house.  Let’s be honest though, life is hard enough with proper life skills, I couldn’t imagine being where I am now without them.

Here is a list of chores for toddlers by age that you can try with your children to ease them in to a “working lifestyle”. Basic chores should not be done for an “allowance” in my opinion, but I do think extra chores should be!! I will be writing a post on how I am going to introduce the idea of an “allowance” into our household this week, so stay tuned!!

Chores By Age for Toddlers

Age 2

  1. Put Toys In Toy Box – Have a specific “clean up time” where you help your little one put toys away.


Age 3

  1. Put Away Dry Silverware – we all make dirty dishes and every day the dishwasher is probably ran. Get in a routine of having your little one put the silverware away! They will feel involved and helpful which is a super bonus for you!
  2. Pick Up Toys – Teach them accountability. If they take their toys out, make them put them away. This will teach them to be tidy and responsible. If during “clean up time” they leave toys out, take them away for a number of days previously discussed with your child and STICK TO IT!
  3. Put Dirty Clothes in Laundry Basket – A simple task that they will carry with them a lifetime. Gently remind them when changing or before bath time to make sure they put their clothes in the laundry basket.
  4. Set Table at Meal Times – Eating is an essential part of life and a lot of work goes in to making a meal and serving the family. Get the kids involved young and it will only become easier as time goes on.

Age 4

All of the above and…..

  1. Make Their Bed – Make this a habit!!!!!!!! I did not grow up having to make my bed and it took me 2 full years of being on my own to understand why this should be done. Having a messy bed can make the entire mood of a room change. It is the focal point in a bedroom and it should always be made unless they are sleeping in it. I am just now introducing this to my 5 yo, but I wish I would have sooner!
  2. Clear Table – Remember what I said about meal time? Again, the more help everyone gives the easier it becomes.
  3. Help Load Dishwasher – Now that they are a little bigger it is a good time to hand them dishes to load in the dishwasher after you rinse them. They will be happy about being involved and will be learning the daily responsibilities of having a family.
  4. Help Get Out the Ingredients – Getting out ingredients for meals will be a great introduction into the world of cooking! You’d be surprised what the kiddos will pick up after a few times of getting you the butter and salt!
  5. Picking Up Trash Throughout the House – No one likes a messy house and sometimes trash gets left out unintentionally. Have your little one walk around the house once in the evening and collect any trash they find and toss it out.
  6. Feeding Pets – If you have pets, get the kids involved!


It may not be easy introducing your toddler into the routine of chores but it will be worth it! Make a check list and get excited about getting things done. Anything that you are interested in your child will show interest in as well!

What are some chores you have introduced to your toddlers that aren’t on my list? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you to all my followers and I hope this post is helpful as we bring in the New Year together!

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  1. Treasure | TreasuredMom | 24th Jan 17

    It is so smart to start kids early with helping out around the house. I always try to include my kids in whatever chores need to be done. I started while they were young and now they’re not surprised at all when there is more work to be done. My 6 year old is my super helper, whenever I need stuff done, and now my 10 year old and 11 year old twins are cleaning the kitchen every night after dinner.

    • | 24th Jan 17

      That is so awesome to hear! You are totally right. Starting then young is the way to go. Kids have to know that each day is a blessing but brings responsibilities too! Obviously letting kids be kids is still important, but preparing them is our job!!!! Thanks for commenting xoxo

  2. Liz from | 27th Jan 17

    Good list. My 2 year old loves putting away the toys!

    • | 27th Jan 17

      Oh just wait! Lol they love doing everything you do! ☺

  3. Patty Gordon | 27th Jan 17

    We are battling this right now. I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old. The 6 year old will do what I ask with a little prodding, but the 4 year old claims that he is tired any time I ask him to do something. He’ll put his plate away in the sink after dinner but that’s about all he does automatically. I finally started a game where he picks up 5 things in his room every time he goes in there. I’m hoping that by keeping it small (and fun) he’ll get the habit in his head and then I can expand the things I want him to do.

    Found this on the No Rules Weekend Link Party.

    • | 27th Jan 17

      Don’t I understand the struggle. Don’t worry, slow and steady seems to win the race (in my house anyway!) Good luck! You got this mamma!

  4. Laura | 25th May 17

    Absolutely! My almost 4yo has been helping with chores since she was just over a year old. She LOVES being involved and in charge of something. “No, Momma! It’s MY job!” 🙂

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