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How to make Extra Money During the Holidays

How to Make Money During the Holidays and Even After 

Everyone I have been talking to lately has asked me for tips on how to make extra cash for the holidays. My friends and family know that I pride myself on being able to scrape up extra cash on a dimes notice for the sake of holidays. In this post I’ll talk about my go to ways to make extra money for the holidays and even after they are over. Hope you all can use these tips as they are approaching faster than we think!


  1. HAVE A YARD SALE – Now, before you start making excuses on why you can’t do this, hear me out. Everyone has something they own that they do not really need. Extra dishes, clothes, shoes, house décor, pool floats……you name it! There is no reason to have excessive amounts of things if you aren’t going to be using them on a regular basis. Make some room for new items you have been dying to get your hands on! Start by going from room to room in your house and collecting things you don’t need. Do you have 2 lamps in that quest room? Get rid of one. Do your kids really need ALL of the toys in their bedroom? Doubtful. Collect your items make a set of signs that are legible, and have that sale!  You’d be surprised what kind of cash they can bring in.
  2. SELL ON LOCAL SWAP PAGES – Live in a big city? Chances are there are groups on facebook where you can sell items you don’t want anymore. In Jacksonville the page is called SWIP SWAP. There are multiple groups for different areas of town and LOTS of people buy and sell off of this page. The point is to have a “safer” version of Craigslist. Get together groups of clothing and sell them all together based on size or style. Clean up that extra coffee table and sell it for much more than you would at a yard sale. Even trade for things you want. Why buy new just for the package or the tag. Buying used is just as good!
  3. SWAP ITEMS FROM YARD SALES – This is something you can do to make a quick dollar when you need to. If you are at a yard sale and see something that someone is selling that is way underpriced, buy it. A lot of times people are just too lazy to clean something and sp they sell it for less than what it is worth. For Example, last month I went to a yard sale looking for children’s shoes because they are way too expensive to buy new in my opinion. When the lady dumped out the shoe box for me to go through, the shoes looked less than appealing, they were filthy in fact. When I asked her the price she said they were only $0.25.  For that price who is saying no. I bought 6 pair and paid her $2.00 (I didn’t except the change back). Once I got home I got out the bleach, spray and wash, q- tips and a rag. I spent 30 minutes cleaning them up and they looked BRAND NEW. I picked out the ones I wanted for my kids and sold the other 3 pair for $5.00 a pair. Even $5.00 is a steal for the shoes I picked out. So 30 minutes of my time and a $2.00 investment yielded a $13.00 profit. That’s one of the kiddos stocking presents right there!
  4. BABY/DOG SIT – Find out which one of your friends or neighbors need a night off and let them know you are available to babysit for $20.00. $20.00 is nothing for 4 to 5 hours and will be appealing to them opposed to someone who charges $10-$15 and hour. Did you hear your neighbor say they are going on vacation? Offer to watch their pets for them for a fraction of what they would pay boarding them. Both of these things are not long term and only require a little bit of your time. It is a great way to help the family out when you are tight on cash and honestly helps out other families too!
  5. CRAFTING – Do not throw this idea out! Some things are just flat out easy to make and are great gifts that people will be interested in buying for the holidays. I personally like to spend 1-2 hours a week crafting. I’ve made little pedicures in mason jars and sold them on swap pages. I’ve made wreaths geared towards football teams and I’ve made home décor items. A lot of these things can be made from dollar store items and sold for $15-$20. Just go on Pintrest, find something you like and try it! Don’t spend hundreds on supplies, just get the basics and give it a shot! You’d be surprised.
  6. Online Surveys – There are A TON of survey sites on the internet. Some survey sites will pay you a couple cents just to open an email or use their search engine. Some days when I have NOTHING to do, I’ll pass time by taking some surveys. Here is the important thing to remember, surveys can be lengthy, sometimes taking upwards of 2o minutes. DO NOT take time out of your day to take a 20 minute survey that pays .25 cents. That is not worth it. But if you have time and log onto the site and see a $2.00 survey that’s ten minutes long. Just do it. Watch some t.v. and fill out the survey.  I’ve used about 4 sites for surveys but the only one I ever do well with is Inbox Dollars . You get $5 for signing up and every day I make 10 cents on emails, a penny for answering a question and I make money off of surveys and cash offers. You can even earn cash back when shopping through retailers that are listed on their site.  It may not seem like much but it adds up! Bonus, they drop the money straight to your pay pal account anytime you want to cash out (min cash out is $30). Some places take upwards of 90 days to pay you when you request a payout. Inbox dollars takes about 30 minutes. Give them a try and let me know how you like them!

All in all these are my go to ways to scrape up extra cash when we need it. Especially around the holidays. What are some things you like to do to bring in extra cash? Leave a comment and let me know!

I hope this is helpful for all of you!


-The Tug Wife


5 Surefire Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill


So being a stay at home mom brings more responsibilities than just taking care of the of the kids and keeping the house clean. I have another job, an important one, saving our family money. One thing I really strive for is to keep our electric bill a low as possible. When moved into our house we received our first bill and it was $250.00!! That is out of control. I knew straight away I needed to do everything possible to keep our bill below $150.00 and I also knew, being pregnant I did not want the house to be warm.

Here is what I did!

  1. USE THE CROCK POT – This is a non traditional way to to save money on your electric bill. Utilizing the crock pot uses significantly less energy than the stove or the oven. I went from using this for family meals once a month or so to using it multiple times a week. Cooking a large meal  that yields leftovers is an even better way to save extra energy.
  2. UNPLUG OUTLETS WHEN NOT IN USE  – This is another non-traditional way that I heard about saving money on electricity from my aunt. I decided to give it a try and man I was impressed. Now importantly, we did not unplug large appliances. The dryer, oven, dishwasher, etc all stayed connected. With that said, we unplugged every lamp, t.v. coffee pot and microwave in the house. We did not leave the house without running around and ripping cords out of the wall! The first month we did this we saw a $40 drop in the bill. That is a HUGE difference. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to pay $40 a month for the convenience of leaving things plugged into the wall.
  3. HANG DRY YOUR CLOTHES – This is definitely a more traditional way to save money on your electric bill. I took this one step at a time, starting with towels. Anytime I had to do a load of towels, I would be sure to wash them and use fabric softener. Then I would hang dry outside. Even in the cold weather they would dry. Then I tested the kids clothes. They are smaller and will dry faster. Eventually I was hang drying all of the laundry, and I would only use the dryer to “fluff” the clothes and take away any remaining wrinkles. When we received our next bill it was another $40 lower. This was another huge win in our book!
  4. TURN OFF LIGHTS  – This is an obvious but important one. You should not leave extra lights on…..EVER. When you wake up in the morning, do you really need to turn on the living room and kitchen lights, or can you open some of your blinds to let the natural lighting inside the house? Don’t leave with the house without checking every room to make sure all the lights are turned off!
  5. TURN UP YOUR A.C. WHEN YOU LEAVE – I said before that I was not willing to be hot in my house. Living in Florida makes that hard some days and can be very rough on the air conditioning unit. So we decided that every time we would leave the house, we would turn the unit up by 7 degrees. This allowed the unit not to run to long when we came home, and also cut back the bill tremendously. Side note: we do NOT run the heater in the winter. If we are cold, we put on extra layers. This is not a possibility for the northern states during the coldest part of winters, but making sure that no A.C. is running during fall and spring can really help you save on electric.

That’s it folks! That’s all it took to knock over $100 off of our electric bill.  What are some things you do to keep your electric bill at bay?

LMK in the comments below!

Hope everyone finds this post useful and enjoys the rest of their day!


-The Tug Wife