How To Teach Your Children Sight Words

How to Teach Sight Words

A lot of my friends are always asking how I find ways to teach my 5 year old while we are at home. We do not home school and he is currently in VPK, but I do find lots of constructive ways for him to learn while we are hanging out during the day, especially while my younger two nap.

Here is a quick and dirty version of how I like to teach sight words!

  1. Flash Cards – Now I know a lot of people like to find other ways to teach besides flashcards. Believe me we don’t like anything to be boring around here. We use the flashcards to set the pace for the rest of the week. Usually we pick four from the stack and incorporate them into a routine throughout the week.
  2. Utilize the Mirror – Kids are in the bathroom all day long! To go potty, wash their hands, brush their teeth etc…..I decided to take advantage of this time. Whatever words he pulls from the stack I write on the mirror! We go over them every morning and evening and he sees them all throughout the day. He will be washing his hands and saying the words by Thursday. I LOVE this idea because it’s constructive and gets him excited. We use the Crayola Window Crayons and they work great! If you can’t find them in the store, you can order them HERE.
  3. Hide and Seek Sight Words” – This is the name we came up with for finding the words in a book! We read all throughout the day, so I decided to incorporate this game to get him more involved in finding the words in a text. It keeps him more focused on the story as well!
  4. Write the Words – The last way I like to teach them is by having him write them out. Once a day seems to be working fine or him. He is learning the words and getting in some writing practice as an extra bonus!


This is how we teach sight words every week.  Keep the older cards out of the stack and review them every Sunday before picking out the next words of the week!

What are some ways you teach your kids sight words? I’d love to hear from you!

Hope this helps everyone!

-The Tug Wife

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Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

All new moms love being 100% prepared for anything when leaving the house with a new baby. As a veteran mom of 3 (oldest being 5) I have shortened my list on what is necessary when leaving the house.  I’ve included the list below! Hope this helps all the mommas out there!

Diapers/Wipes  – Being prepared is important, but being over packed is annoying. My rule of thumb is 3 diapers per child per 2 hours. This is still over packing but being prepared for the worst is usually the best option when it comes to diapers!

2 Receiving Blankets – They are lightweight and can be used as barriers at changing tables or for cleaning up messes. They can also come in handy if one of the younger kids gets cold (if you chose not to bring the thicker blankets inside with you wherever you are going).

Formula Holder – For all my supplementing or formula feeding mammas, this thing is LIFE. It allows making a bottle to be much easier than using the actual tub of formula. They are inexpensive and will last forever. I have the same ones from when my 5 yo was born. I’ve included a link for Amazon and you can find them HERE.

Extra Outfit – Always have an extra outfit for each of the kids with you. Accidents happen.

Butt Paste – For all the kiddos in diapers I think it’s important to just keep extra of this in the bag. Some diaper rashes can be temperamental and you don’t want to deal with a whiny baby because they are irritated down there!

Spill Proof Snack Holders – Again, LIFE.  These things are awesome and I have also had these same ones since my 5 yo was born. I will also include a link for these HERE.

Bottle – Always have a bottle with you! We use TOMMEE TIPPEE.

Sippy for Toddlers – If you are leaving the house with a 1 yo or older, just always have a snack and drink with you. Even if you don’t think they will be hungry, it can become a good distraction for them.


That’s all Folks! Doesn’t seem like much, but these are usually the only things I take with me for trips less than 2 hours long. It helps me not to have multiple of everything and I am usually able to keep a bag packed and ready at all times!

What are some things you include in your diaper bag?! Comment below to share with other moms what you feel is essential!

Look forward to  talking to everyone soon!

  • The Tug Wife

This post contains affiliate links – see disclosure policy here.